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CSET Preparations – Your Way to Excellence

Posted on October 23 2012

Exams are one of the things in this world that can shake up your nerves of steel, especially when these exams, such as the California Subject Examinations for Teachers(CSET), are the deciding point of your career. No matter how well-prepared you are when it comes to reviewing and following CSET study guides for the multiple subjects that are covered by these exams, you will still get nervous as the exam day draws near. Certain test preparations before and during the test day can decrease your anxiety levels and help you focus and concentrate more on the exam. Knowing what to do before and during the day of your CSET Test will help you ace the exam and get your California teacher credentials as you join the line of the best educators of the country. So step back, take it easy, and read through the CSET preparations that can help you through the most important turning point of your career.

On the Day of the CSET Test

1. Go to the exam venue on time. Make sure that you have gotten your test schedule, especially the time, date, and the venue correctly. Punctuality can actually help you keep calm as you orient to your surroundings and locate your testing room. This will give you enough time to adjust to sudden changes in the venue or the schedule of the exam. Getting lost at the venue on the day of your CSET Test can only increase your anxiety and lose your focus on the exam, so make sure that you’ve checked all the details of your exam correctly. Remember to bring necessary test items and documents such as your identification card and your own exam materials.

2. Confidence is a winning factor in every exam, because it helps you keep your mind on the exam and off other things. Avoid thinking about the prospect of failing your exam as this will only make you feel more nervous about your CSET Test. Bear in mind that time you’ve spent reading your CSET study guides to prepare for your exam is enough for you to get a passing mark. Read each question twice, and make sure that you’ve understood the question before answering them. Avoid spending too much time on a question. Skip the questions that you find difficult, then get back to them later after completing the rest of the exam. If you have finished answering everything before the allotted time, review the questions and your answers. Make sure that you haven’t missed anything.

CSET Preparation before the Exam Day

Your activities on the day before your CSET Test date will greatly affect your performance in the exam. Use this day to relax and go through some CSET Preparations to condition your mind and body into taking the exam on the next day.

1. Get enough rest and sleep on this day. Do not go through your CSET Study Guide anymore. Cramming information into your brain at a short time might stress it out. The day before your exam should be a day to relax and unwind from the pressures of the exam. Use the time you have to check on your CSET Test schedule and venue, iron the clothes that you will be using for the exam, and prepare the materials that you will be needing. Have these things ready beforehand so that you won’t have to rush through them the next day and forget important things.

2. The CSET Test Study for California Teachers is, in itself, designed to prepare you for the standardized test that will be given to you. This will serve as your ultimate companion through this journey of your life. After finishing all the test preparations that you need to do, and if you still have some free time to spare, you can go through your practice tests for the last time just to recall what you have learned without having to go through the entire module of your CSET Study Guides. Get enough rest and sleep on this day to prepare yourself for tomorrow. Avoid staying up too late.

Following these CSET preparations can help you ace a passing score on your CSET test and achieve the career that you’ve been dreaming of.

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